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      Welcome to Ganfeng Lithium Co.,Ltd.!(A share code: 002460 | H share code: 01772)

      E-mail: gfsale@ganfenglithium.com

      Cel: +86 139 7900 9013 (Anna Liao)

      Human Resources
      Media Cooperation

      Evan Sun

      E-mail: sunyifan@ganfenglithium.com

      Tel: +86 021-50806009-8011

      Internal Audit
      Investor Relations (A share)

      Tel: +86 0790-6415606

      Fax: +86 0790-6860528

      Investor Relations (H shares)

      Yuchen Ren

      E-mail: renyuchen@ganfenglithium.com

      Tel: +86 021-50806009-8003

      Address: Lane 4088, Luoshan Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

      Investor Relations (International)

      Samuel Pigott

      E-mail: samuel.pigott@ganfenglithium.com

      Tel: 1 (416) 357 4681

      Address: Bank of Canada Building, 250 University Ave #200, Toronto, ON M5H 3E5, Canada

      Follow Us
      WeChat official account
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